Basic Navigation

Watch Video: Online Help Basic Navigation

Access Online Help

Click the ? icon to open online help for that page. On nearly every page of the components, the documentation icon displays to the right of the filter box.

Once the online help opens, a page description topic displays for the current page.

Navigate Help

Users have several options for navigating within the help. To find a specific topic, use the search bar and filter results by the component. See Online Help Search Tips for more information.

To see a list of tasks performed in the component, either:

  • Select the component name from the Products menu, or

  • Click the Syniti logo in the header to return to the home page and select the component's name from the four center tiles.

Each component displays a Table of Contents in the right, listing all topics related to the component.

Release Notes

The What’s New topic lists new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. For more information about these changes, a link to the topic in the online help is provided. Links to release notes for earlier versions of the product display at the bottom of the What’s New topic.

The release notes are accessed via the top navigation menu titled What's New. Navigate to a heading by clicking it in the right side menu.

At the bottom of the What’s New topic, the last help build date displays.

Horizontal and Vertical View Help

For pages that have a Horizontal and Vertical view, online help is provided in the same topic. Click a link under the headings to navigate to a different view or tab within the topic.

Back to Top

To return to the top of any page, click the Top button that appears in the bottom right of a page when scrolling.

Close Online Help

Close the tab to close the online help.