Create System Type Groups from the Fetch Process

System Type groups are logical groupings of tables, such as Customer or Vendor. Use System Type groups for source database systems where a large number of tables must be created and downloaded.

Create these groups using one of these methods:

To create groups from the fetch process:

  1. Select Collect >Targets in the Navigation pane; the Targets and Target Sources pages display
  2. Click the Sources icon for a target.
  3. Click Add to add a source to the target.

    NOTE: Refer to Register Sources to Target for detailed information.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Test the connection by selecting the Test Connection icon in the Target Sources toolbar.
  6. Click Vertical View icon for the SOURCE
  7. Select the Action tab.
  8. Click the Fetch Tables icon.
  9. Click OK.

A new System Type group is created automatically during the fetch process for each schema owner with the naming convention of <source>_<schemaowner>.