View Configuration of Data Source Table SQL Commands

Data Source tables SQL commands can be viewed from Collect. The SQL commands run when the table is created on a build or a download process.  If there are issues creating a table during the build or download process, the SQL code from the Data Source Table Create Download SQL can be copied and run on the target database or source database to create the table.

To view the configuration of data source table SQL commands:

  1. Click Targets on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Sources icon for a target.
  3. Click the Schedule Groups icon for a source.
  4. Click the Tables icon for a schedule group.
  5. Click Vertical View for a table.
  6. Click the General Information tab.
  7. Click the SQL Command icon for a table.

View the field descriptions for the Data Source Table Create Download SQL page

The SQL commands are deleted and rebuilt via the BUILD Package process. They cannot be changed by the user on this page.  Primary Keys and Indexes are changed via the Index image on the Table. Refer to Create Indices for Tables for more information. Columns used to create tables and download SQL are configured under View Design > Columns. Refer to Modify Configuration of Data Source Table Columns for more information.