Color Contrast and Font Sizing

Current Column Highlighting

A user can enable the Highlight Current Column feature to indicate to the end user which column is currently in focus. Available on the Settings page, enabling this feature highlights the column’s header when a cell within that column is being modified. This removes ambiguity when column headers are compact or stacked, and are difficult to distinguish from each other. This option persists through logout for any user who enables it.


Styles can change the visual appearance of system icons, fonts, and actionable elements. When a style is utilized, it persists on the logon page, if browser cookies are enabled.

Administrators have the ability to define styles on an individual user basis. This can be used when configuring an account where the user has a need for High Contrast once log in is complete. The Style ID field is located under the Defaults label on the vertical of a User record.

Once a user has logged in, the Settings page can be used to alter the current user’s style. This can be done by clicking the Gear located on the Site toolbar, and then choosing Settings. Once set, this style is seen during subsequent logins.

An Administrator group member can review styles and configure new ones. The Styles page is located within System Administration > Configuration > Style > Styles. Here, a new style can be created and configured to customize images and colors used within the application.

Additionally, the Contrast Ratios tab on the Styles Vertical View contains a computed list of contrast ratios, which represents the common surfaces a particular color may be used against. The higher the contrast ratio, the easier the entity will be to view.

TheStewardship Tierships with two High Contrast styles, which have a much higher contrast ratio between layered elements. All delivered styles have edit and delete disabled and cannot be modified.

Font Sizing

Throughout the Stewardship Tier, font sizes can vary. If you would like to increase or decrease the font size on a page in the Stewardship Tier, use your browser's zoom function by clicking Control + if you are on a Windows computer or Command + if you are on a Mac.