Add a System Type Model

A System Type Model contains the definition of a system, including the system’s tables, fields, properties, descriptions and relationships. The System Type Model can be used to build a complete System Type.

Refer to System Types for more information.

A System Type Model is built by creating views that match the required formats as defined in the system’s data dictionary. Specifically, Model Views are simple SQL Views that can be written against any system’s data dictionary to provide all metadata required to build an accurate System Type. Each Model View has a specific set of required fields and data types that must be included for the System Type Model to work correctly.

The Model Views are then registered to the System Type Model. Using this method, a System Type Model can be created for any system.

For an accurate description of the System Type, a System Type Model must include at least the Table and Table Field Model Views.

To view the required fields and data type formats for a Model View, click the button next to the Model View on the System Types Models page.

A complete System Type Model for SAP is delivered with the Stewardship Tier.

An Administrator can add a custom System Type Model.

To add a System Type Model:

  1. Select Configuration > System Type Models in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the System Types Models page

  3. Enter text in the SYSTEM TYPE MODEL text box.
  4. Click Save.