Change Collation for a Data Source

Decide whether a data source is collation insensitive or collation sensitive. By default, new data sources are collation insensitive. However, users may change the Collation Type for the data source and link to reports of Table Columns and the database that have a collation mismatch and fix it.

NOTE: If a wave has a collation of case sensitive, Data Construction table text columns and columns in list boxes are also case sensitive. Refer to Change Collation for a Wave for more information.

NOTE: Only users assigned to the System Administrator or the Migration Developer Advanced security roles can change the collation for the wave. Refer to Delivered Security Roles in System Administration for more information.

To change collation for a data source:

  1. Select Configuration > Data Source Registry in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click Vertical View for a Data Source with one of the following Application Data Source Types:

  • Migration Object Database (dsw%)

  • Target System Database (dg%)

  • Migration Source Database (sdb%)

  1. Click the Toggle Collation icon; a warning message displays to confirm the data source collation is about to be changed.

NOTE: The Collation Type of all data sources assigned to a wave should be aligned with the Collation Type of the wave. Therefore, if switching a data source’s Collation Type conflicts with one or more of the waves it is assigned to, then a warning message displays to alert the users about the conflict.

  1. Click OK; the Collation Type field is updated with the new collation.