Data Sources in Common

While data sources can be registered in System Administration by an Administrator, registering a data source in Common is the preferred method. Refer to How the Stewardship Tier Uses Data Source Types in System Administration for more information on Data Sources.

NOTE: Data Services data sources must be registered in Common.

When a data source is created in System Administration, it is available in Common on the Data Source Registry page.  

However, after the initial record is added to Common, changes made to data sources in System Administration are not applied to data sources in Common. Changes made to data sources in Common are reflected in data sources in System Administration. Refer to Sync Data Sources in Common and System Administration for more information.

NOTE: The following data sources that belong to WebApps are not synced with Common:

  • AutoGen
  • cMap
  • cMap_Data
  • cMap_Design_FilePath
  • cMass_Data
  • Console
  • ContentMaster
  • CranPort
  • CranSoft
  • DataConstructionServer
  • DataDialysis
  • DataDialysis_Report_FilePath
  • DataGarage
  • DataGarage_SSIS_FilePath
  • DBMoto_Client
  • DGReports
  • dgSAP   
  • dspAddOn
  • dspCloudPortal
  • DSPCommon
  • dspCompose
  • dspMonitor_AccPak
  • dspTrack
  • DSW
  • DSW_Documentation_FilePath
  • DSW_Export_FilePath
  • DSW_Package_FilePath
  • DSW_Report_FilePath
  • DSW_Source_FilePath
  • dswTempDB
  • Integrate
  • Integrate Staging
  • InterfaceServer
  • MC

Use Common to: