Export Translations to a Catalog

An Administrator performs this task so that translations of fields using the Language ID selected appear throughout any application that uses the catalog.

To export translations to a catalog:

  1. Select System Types in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Vertical View for System Type.
  3. Click Import From Data Sourc or Modele on the Page toolbar.
  4. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the System Type Import page

  5. Select the data source from Data Source ID list box.

    NOTE: The data source selected must be a database on the local sql server (i.e. a dg* or sdb* data source).

  6. Select the System Type model from the System Type Model list box.

    NOTE: An SAP System Type model is delivered with the product.

  7. Select the language from the Language ID list box.

    NOTE: If the Language ID is not set, the default value defined in System Administration Parameters is used.

  8. Select the catalog from the Catalog ID list box.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Export to send information related to the selected System Type to the catalog; a confirmation message displays.
  11. Click Ok.