Import a Model

The Stewardship Tier is delivered with an SAP model that can be used to import those System Types.

Before performing this task, if needed, click the Models icon to view the System Types Model configuration (tables, required fields, etc.). All System Type Model Tables and Model Views must exist in the target System Type database. The model tables can be extracted from the target system using Collect. The Model Views can be autogenerated using Build Views on the System Types Models page. Refer to Manage System Types with System Type Models for more information.

To import a model:

  1. Click System Types in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Vertical View for System Type.
  3. Click Import From Data Source or Model on the Page toolbar.

    NOTE: Optionally, before completing the import, click the Models icon to open the System Types Models page to view the configuration (tables, required fields, etc.). Then navigate back to the System Types Import page.

  4. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the System Types Import page

  5. Select the data source from Data Source ID list box.

    NOTE: The data source selected must be a database on the local SQL server (i.e., a dg* or sdb* data source).

  6. Select the System Type model from the System Type Model list box.

    NOTE: An SAP model is pre-delivered with the product.

  7. Select a language from the Language ID list box.

    NOTE: If the Language ID is not set, the default value defined in the Stewardship Tier is used.

  8. Select an option from the Import Model Option list box. Values are:

    • Import tables from the Selected Model
    • Import tables from the Selected Model Group

      NOTE: If this option is selected, the Import Model Group field is required.

  9. Select an import model group from the Import Model Group list box, if needed.

    NOTE: All tables in the model group along with their associated description and lookup tables are imported.

  10. Check the Exclude Client Fields checkbox (optional).

    NOTE: This check box is checked by default. If this check box is not checked and the system type is built with the client included, all target tables and check tables include this field. Every lookup table will become a multi-value key value mapping, diminishing the visibility of true multi-value key lookup tables.

    NOTE: This field only applies to SAP System Types.

  11. Click Save.
  12. Click Import Model.