Track - Changes Per Week

This chart displays a count of all weekly changes for all object types in all data sources that have had their trace activated displaying on the Analyze page.

A plot point representing a single data source aligns on the y-axis with the number of changes occurring during the associated week on the x-axis. Weeks are designated with an m-d convention, where “d” is the Sunday beginning the week. For example, 1-19 is the week spanning January 19-25. Week notation appears in ascending order left to right below the x-axis.

A line connecting the plot points shows the trend of changes over time, past to present (reading left to right).

A legend to the left of the chart indicates the symbol and color associated with each data source.

NOTE The weekly charts do not include summary counts for a week until the week has ended.

NOTE: The weekly chart shows 56 days’ worth of summary data. Once this period has passed, the summary data is not retained.

Hover over a data point on the chart to view the precise number of changes made during the associated week.

Click a label on the legend to hide or show the changes per week count for that data source.

NOTE: Refer to View Trace Dashboard: Object Summary for information about associated charts which display counts for individual data sources by day, week, and month.

To access the chart in Common, click Analyze > Track - Changes Per Week in the Navigation pane.