View the Dashboard in Construct

These charts display the summary status of the number of fields in the Source table, the estimated number of fields that require construction (as in, active fields for the Target) and the number of fields where construction is complete.

A user can drill down from the Wave level through the Wave and Process Area, Object, and Target level to view a summary construction status at increasingly granular levels.

NOTE: The criteria for determining when construction on a field is complete are developed at a client’s site.

The View Data icon to the right of a chart name opens a pane that displays the alternate text descriptions of chart data in a table. If a chart has a legend, click a label in the legend to hide or show that label’s section in the chart.

Hover a cursor over each section of a bar to view the field count.

If a chart is 3D, a 3D Controls icon is available to adjust the chart angles.

Refer to Full Construction and Enrichment Construction for more information.

Construction charts include: