Target Design

Allow Mapping of Utility Columns

A Utility field does not exist in the target system, but is referenced by rules and reports in Transform. Fields of this type should be captured in Target Design. Visibility is set to None by default for appended utility columns. However, the visibility setting can be configured to allow utility columns to be mapped if needed.

A System Administrator can set visibility for append utility columns on the Append Utility Columns page. Visibility determines whether fields display on the Field Mappings page in Map and can be mapped as source fields, target fields, or as both target and source fields. Visibility can also be set to None, indicating that the field does not display on the Fields Mappings page and is not mapped.

Field visibility can also be defined for target fields. Refer to Set Field Visibility for Mapping for more information and for general information about the visibility setting.

Field defined as Append columns can be appended to all target or source tables, depending on how the fields are configured. Refer to Append Utility Columns to All Tables for more information.

NOTE: If a user deletes an append column, if it has already been synced with Map, the column still appears on the target table. To remove the append column in this case, set the column to inactive.

To set visibility for appended utility columns in Target Design:

  1.  Select Configuration > Append Utility Columns in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Edit.

    NOTE: The zSource column is installed with the Stewardship Tier and cannot be edited or deleted.

    View the field descriptions for the Append Utility Columns page

  3. Select an option in the VISIBILITY list box.

    NOTE: Values are:

    • Both–mapping for source and target
    • None–no mapping required for the field

    • NOTE: Natural fields cannot have a visibility set to None.

    • Source–source-only mapping
    • Target–target-only mapping
  4. Click Save.