Download Data in the Stewardship Tier

Data can be downloaded from pages in the Stewardship Tier in different formats. The user can also select which fields of the available fields for download to include in the downloaded file, and set other options for column headers, end of line character and record limit.

NOTE: For custom WebApps, a page designer can set which columns are available for download. Refer to Hide a Column from Download for more information.

NOTE: Filters are maintained when downloading a record set. Refer to Use Filters in the Stewardship Tier for more information.

NOTE: Settings for download options are not retained once a file has been downloaded. If the download option’s default values must be updated from the default (for example, the file should be downloaded in DOC format instead of the default XLSX format), this option must be set each time the results are downloaded.

To download data:

  1. Click the Page Options menu (the small gear in the upper right of the page) and select Download.

    NOTE: The Download option is only available if the page supports downloading.

  2. Click the Format tab and select the format of the downloaded file.

    NOTE: The default format is XLSX. The file can also be saved in .CSV, .TXT, .XML and .DOC formats.

  3. Click the Fields tab to check or uncheck check boxes indicating which fields to include in the download.
  4. Click the Options tab to configure additional settings for the downloaded file.
  5. Select an option for Translate Column Headers.

    NOTE: In the downloaded file, the column header is translated to the language associated with the user’s account, as long as a translation for the phrase has been set in the Stewardship Tier.

  6. Select an option to Include Column Headers in the downloaded file.
  7. Select an option to set the End of Line Character.

    NOTE: Options are:

    • Carriage Return—When the end of a record is reached, the cursor returns to the beginning of the current line and writes the next record in the downloaded file.
    • Line Feed—When the end of a record is reached, the cursor moves to a new line at the end of a record and writes the next record in the downloaded file.
    • Carriage Return/Line Feed—When the end of a record is reached, a new line is created in the downloaded file, the equivalent of pressing the Enter key.
  8. Enter the maximum number of records included in the download in the Record Limit text box.

    NOTE: If a filter was applied to the page before downloading, this number is the record count with the filter applied. If this number is not updated, all filtered results are downloaded.

  9. Click Download.