Entity Validation

Configure Entity Validation Parameters

Entity Validation requires an active Melissa license; the Customer ID (i.e., the license key) is required before a request can be processed.

To configure Entity Validation parameters:

  1. Select Configuration > Parameters in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click Edit.

    View the page description for the Parameters page

    NOTE: The Melissa Data URL field is not editable. Refer to Melissa’s wiki on Global Address Verification: URL for more information.

  1. Enter the Melissa license key in the Melissa Data Customer ID field.

  2. Enter the number of sections the API query runs until it times out in the Api Timeout Seconds field. The default value is 30 seconds.

  3. Enter the number of records sent in a batch when a request is processed in the Melissa Max Request Records field. The default value is 100 records, which is the maximum number of fields allowed in a batch by Melissa at this time.

  4. Click Save.