Entity Validation

Set Up Security for Entity Validation

Setting up security for Entity Validation is a multi-step process. Users are granted access to specific pages and tasks based on the security role.

To set up security for Entity Validation:

  1. Create users. Refer to Create User Accounts in System Administration for more information.

  2. Assign the user to a Security Role. Refer to Assign Users to Security Roles for more information. Options are:

  • Entity Validation Request Processor—Can add, edit and delete address records for a request, process a request and process individual records within a request. This security role cannot create requests.

  • Entity Validation Request Creator—Can create requests and has all the same security rights as Request Processor.

  • Entity Validation Configurator—Can update the Configuration pages and has all the same security rights as Request Creator and Request Processor. Use this security role for administrators.

Users may use these delivered roles or may add the WebApp Group used in these roles to existing roles that are used on the project.