Entity Validation

Update Response Codes

When a request is processed and validated against Melissa, Entity Validation may return any number of error messages (i.e., response codes), such as the postal code was added or the house number is not valid. These response codes have a response type, which controls the level of review needed before the address can be approved.

Review the response codes and update any Request Types as needed, depending on what responses the organization wants to review before the address can be approved. For example, a response may be delivered as a Warning, but the organization considers it Valid.

To update the delivered response codes:

  1. Select Configuration > Request Type in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Response Codes icon for the Melissa Data request type.

  3. Review the list of response codes.

  4. Click Edit for a single record


    Ctrl + Click to select multiple records. Click Edit on the toolbar.

    View the page description for the Response Code page

  1. Select a value from the CUSTOM RESPONSE TYPE list box. Options are:

    • Warning —response must be reviewed, but does not have to be fixed in order to approve the address.

    • Error—response must be reviewed and the error must be fixed; the address cannot be approved if there is an error.

    • Valid—no action needed.

  1. Click Save.