Add Add Row Sources

An Add Row Source is the Source table where records are migrated from and inserted into the target table. Records in an Add Row Source table are used for reconciliation.

An Add Row Source is added in Target Design. Refer to Assign a Source to a Target for more information.

An additional Add Row Source can also be added in Map.

Add an Add Row Source if another Source database object is needed from the same system for the same target table. For example, the same Source system has two tables for customers, one table contains SoldTos and another contains ShipTos. Both these tables are in the same system and need to be migrated to the target table ttKNA1.

A Target Source can have multiple Add Row Sources. Each Add Row Source can have multiple Update Row Sources.

NOTE: An Add Row Source is not added to another Add Row Source, but is added as a separate Add Row Source.

NOTE: After Add Row Sources are added, their fields are mapped on the Field Mappings page. To map all Add Row Sources, the Field Mappings page must be accessed by clicking the Mappings icon on the Target Sources (Add Row) page. Refer to Access the Field Mappings Page for more information.

To add an Add Row Source in Map:

  1. Click ProcessArea in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Targets icon on the Process Area Launch page.
  3. Click the Sources icon for a target.
  4. Click Add

    View the field descriptions for the Target Sources page

  5. Select the Source name from the Source ID list box.
  6. Select the object from the Source DATABASE OBJECT list box.

    NOTE: This database is registered in Common. Refer to Register a Data Source in Common for more information

  7. Click Save; the Vertical View displays.
  8. Enter the name of the Source that overrides the zSource for the target configured in Target Design in the z Source Override field.

    NOTE: The z Source Override field must be completed for Add Row Sources so that delete rules do not delete target data from the wrong table.

  9. Click Save.