Add an External Source

An External Source is an Update Row Source that is external to the system used in the Add Row Source when establishing a relationship. For example, a finance system may create vendor information, but the invoicing information is managed in another system. To support relevancy rules, the user must link the systems together.

A Source is designated as an External Source when the user adds a Source to a Target in Target Design with a Source type of External Source.

When an External Source is used, the External Source ID field on the Field Mappings page must be populated with the Source ID.

An External Source is not treated as an Add Row Source, and is not synced from Target Design when the Target is synced. It must be added on the Target Source (Update Row) page and configured manually.

To add an External Source:

  1. Add the External Source to the Target in Target Design. Refer to Assign a Source to a Target for more information.
  2. Click ProcessArea in the Navigation pane in Map.
  3. Click Targets on the Process Area Launch page.
  4. Click the Sources icon for a Target.
  5. Click the Update Row Sources icon for a Source.
  6. Click Add on the Target Sources (Update Row) page.

    View the field descriptions for the Target Sources (Update Row) page

  7. Select the External Source from the Source ID list box.

    NOTE: Select the External Source added in Target Design.

  8. Select the Source table from the Source DATABASE OBJECT list box.
  9. Click Save; the Vertical View displays.
  10. Click Save and navigate back to the Horizontal View.
  11. Click the Mappings icon for the External Source.
  12. Click Vertical View for each field mapping for the External Source.
  13. Select the name of the External Source in the External Source ID list box.
  14. Click Save.