Download Tables

NOTE: To receive a workflow email that a table download has failed in Collect, a user must be assigned to a security role that has the Collect WebApp group WorkFlowFailureAll or WorkFlowFaiureByTargetAccess assigned. Refer to Set Security in System Administration for more information.

Download sdb Tables in Collect

To download sdb Source tables in Collect:

  1. Register the sdb* Target in Collect. Refer to Register Targets for detailed information.
  2. Register the Source to the sdb* Target. Refer to Register Sources to Target for detailed information.
  3. Register the table to the Source. Refer to Manually Register Tables to Source for detailed information.
  4. Select the table on the Tables page (Collect > Tables).
  5. Click Build and Refresh on the Page toolbar.
  6. Perform step 3 and following for each table.

Download dg* Tables in Collect

To download the tables in the dg* database registered at the Wave level in Collect:

  1. Manually register the tables to the Source for the dg* Target.

    NOTE: Refer to Manually Register Tables to Source in Collect for detailed information.

  2. Build and Refresh each table

    NOTE: Refer to Build Package for Table in Collect for more information.