Perform Value Mapping Overview

In value mapping, an individual value in a Source field is configured to be converted to a value that the Target system will accept in the Target field. For example, if two large companies merge, they may want to convert the Legacy Org Numbers first and then value map to the new Org numbers (in an Org check table) in the Target ERP system.

The field and value that must be value mapped in the Target system are stored in check tables, also called lookup tables.

Besides updating value mappings in the UI as described in this topic, a user can also:

  • Perform value mapping automatically, if the Source system and Target system are identical, value mapping can be performed automatically. On the Value Mapping page, click Auto Map By Description or Auto Map By Value in the Page toolbar.
  • Use Excel Integration to download a spreadsheet that users can update with value mapping values. Ensure Bulk Execution is enabled on the Value Mapping (Legacy to Target) page. Once data entry is complete, import that data into the Stewardship Tier. Refer to Use Excel Integration for more information.

NOTE: The RuleXref action must be used with a lookup table that has multiple key fields. This allows missing values in the Target table to be inserted into the Value Mapping table. The Xref action can only be used with a lookup table that has a single key field. If the Target Lookup table is a multiple key table, the Value Mapping process concatenates Target values from the multiple key fields into a single field. To map fields on a multiple key lookup table, use the RuleXref action for the field to be mapped on the Field Mappings page. RuleXref concatenates Source values and is the recommended Migration Solution process to load the values correctly into the Value Mapping process.

NOTE: When mapping fields on a multiple key lookup table, concatenate the fields with a ":" separator, for example, field1:field 2.

NOTE: A lookup table is registered as a Source table with a status of Documentation and a rule priority offset of 50000 so that it is sorted last. Documentation Sources are not processed but are a reference item to see all the sources of data.

NOTE: The Source table and Source field for the check table for the Rule Xref action are not automatically set. They must be entered on the Vertical View of the Legacy Value (Source Table Fields) page.

The steps in the value mapping process are:

  1. Set up Lookup Tables in Target Design or import check tables with a System Type import. Refer to Set up Lookup Tables or Import Target Design from a System Type for more information.
  2.  Refresh lookup tables or change configuration settings as needed in Map.
  3. Perform value mapping in Map.

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