Mass Maintenance

Set Up Security for Mass Maintenance

To set up security for Mass Maintenance:

  1. Create User Accounts (performed by an Administrator)

  2. When granting user access to Mass Maintenance, either:

    • Assign the user to a security role that contains the template role the user can access or:
    • Assign the template role to the user through a user-specific security definition.

      Refer to Set Security for more information.

      Watch the video for an overview of updates to Mass Maintenance template roles for 7.1 and later.

  3. Grant Users Access to Post Monitor WebApp Group in Integrate (optional) (performed by an Administrator). An Administrator must assign users to the Post Monitor group in Integrate for them to successfully post using the Post Later feature in Mass Maintenance.
  4. Assign Users to Org Units (optional). If using Org Units, grant user access to Org Units and Org Unit values.
  5. A user must also be granted access to a template role to access a template. Refer to Add Users to Templates for more information.

NOTE: On Mass Maintenance pages that allow the user to input or edit a WHERE clause, restrict access to trusted users with elevated security.

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