Mass Maintenance

Request Post Connections

Use this page to view the target system connections for each Integrate process template associated with the request while posting request data to a target system.

To access this page:

  1. Select Mass Maintenance > Requests in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Roles for a request.
  3. Locate Post Role ID.
  4. Click Request (Post) for the Post ROLE ID.
  5. Click the Connections icon.




Displays the order the templates run.


Displays the name of the process template that is used to post data to the target system identified in the Connection ID field.

NOTE: The Process Templates for which a connection can be set are based on:


Displays the connection ID to the target system where request data is posted.


If enabled, the user name and password have been detected based on the user credentials setting.

If disabled, the credentials have not been detected and must be added for the request to post successfully.

Refer to Establish a Connection to a Target System for more information.

User Credentials

Click to open the User Credentials page to add Login credentials for the current user to track that user's updates posted to the target system related to this request.