Mass Maintenance

Add External Data Role to Global Roles

The External Data role type is available with Mass Maintenance, but an external role should be manually added to the global roles before adding it to a template.

To add the External Data role:

  1. Select Configuration > Roles on the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Roles page.

  3. Enter a value in PRIORITY field.

    NOTE: The PRIORITY determines the order the roles are processed in a request. The initial role in the template should have the lowest priority. This value can be changed at the template level.

  4. Enter a name for the role in ROLE ID field.

    NOTE: This name displays on pages throughout Mass Maintenance.

  5. Enter a brief description of the role in DESCRIPTION field.
  6. Select External Data from the ROLE TYPE list box.

    NOTE: An External Data role is another type of Data role.

  7. Click Save.