Mass Maintenance

Complete the Spreadsheet as an External Data Role

Once the request is active, Mass Maintenance sends an email from the External Data Email Account to the external contact for the External Data role. The spreadsheet contains current request data.

Refer to Set up an External Data Email Account for more information.

To complete the spreadsheet as an External Data role:

  1. Download the email attachment.

    NOTE: Do not change the spreadsheet’s file name when saving it.

  2. Open the file.

    NOTE: The spreadsheet will reflect the formatting configured for the template role. Refer to Configure Columns for File Generation and Data Entry for more information.

    NOTE: The first three lines of the spreadsheet that appear with a red or black background cannot be updated. The first two rows contain column names and other information. The third row contains sample request data to use as an example when completing the spreadsheet. Do not change or delete these rows of data.

  3. Update data as needed.
  4. Save the spreadsheet.
  5. Reply to the email from the External Data Email Account that sent the spreadsheet, attaching the updated file.

NOTE: Do not include any text in the body of the email.

NOTE: The reply email address is the one configured on the External Data Email Account page in the USERNAME field, and on the Workflow Message page, in the EMAIL FROM field, for the ExternalData Event. Both of these pages are accessed by clicking Configuration on the Navigation pane.

Mass Maintenance will run validations on the spreadsheet. If custom validations have been added to the template role and the data fails those validations,Mass Maintenance sends the spreadsheet back to the External Data role for correction.

Refer to Set up Email ValidationsSet up Email Validations and Add Custom Email Validation Rules for more information.

Mass Maintenance polls the External Data Email Account, collects emails, and gets the attached Excel file. It then validates the request data and either replies to the external contact with validation errors or imports the data into the request and finishes the External Data role.