Mass Maintenance

Create Templates

A template represents a process that will be governed and executed using Mass Maintenance.

All templates must belong to a team. Refer to Create Teams for more information.

Template Types

The user who creates the template has access to all of the template roles and can add users to the template roles. Refer to Add Users to Templates for more information.

Once a template has been created and generated, a user can view all of the associated data objects Mass Maintenance created for the template. Refer to View Data Objects for more information.

Template Creator Permissions

A user who creates a template is added as a User, Template User and Template Role User for that Template if the following settings are configured:

  • The Add Roles on Template Creation check box is checked on the Parameters page, and
  • The Auto Copy check box is enabled on the Vertical View of the Roles page for the Template Role

Mass Maintenance and Integrate

Once a template is created and generated in Mass Maintenance it is added to the dspCompose category in Integrate.

Integrate also creates

  • A process based on the template
  • A loop in the process template with the Mapping Value for each field mapping automatically populated

A process template loop assigns a view from the process’s data source to a loop within the template. The loop is mapped to a view that contains the data to post for the corresponding template loop in the process.

Deleting a Mass Maintenance template in Mass Maintenance removes the Mass Maintenance template and process from Integrate.

This section contains the following topics:

Once a template is created, it requires additional configuration by the Template Administrator. Refer to Configure Templates for more information.