Mass Maintenance

Import a Column Added to the Role’s Assigned Page

If a column is added to the Stewardship Tier page assigned to a template role, the Template Administrator can import that column to include it in the Mass Maintenance-generated Excel file.

A column is imported once. If its configuration changes, the column must be deleted from the page and imported again.

NOTE: The existing column configuration is not overwritten by this process.

NOTE: If columns are removed from the Stewardship Tier page assigned to the template role, the columns must be manually removed on the Template (Role Excel Column Control) page.

To import columns:

  1. Click Team on Navigation pane.
  2. Click Templates for a team.
  3. Click Roles for a template.
  4. Click Excel Column Control for a role.

    NOTE:This icon is not active for the Post role.

  5. Click Import Columns.