Mass Maintenance

Set External Role Contacts

If the template that uses an external request scenario also uses an External Data role, the users assigned to this role must also be set as external role contact for the template.

NOTE: If the sender is an external user who is not registered in the Stewardship Tier, that email must be added to the Stewardship Tier. Refer to Add Email Addresses for External Users for more information.

Refer to Use External Data Roles in Request Processing for more information about assigning an External Data role to a template.

To set the external role contacts for the template:

  1. Select Team from Navigation pane.
  2. Click Templates for a team.
  3. Click Vertical View for a template.
  4. Click Configuration tab.
  5. Click External Request Scenarios.
  6. Click External Roles for a scenario.

    NOTE: This icon only displays when a template has an External Data role assigned.

  7. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Template (External Request Scenario External Role) page.

    NOTE: EXTERNAL ROLE ID is the ID for the External Data role.

  8. Enter the address of the user associated with the External Data role for this template in RECIPIENT EMAIL ADDRESS field. The email address must contain a period (.) and an "at" sign (@) in order to be valid.

    NOTE: This user will receive the initial email when the request is ready for processing if the External Data role is the initial role in the external request scenario.

  9. Enter a name in NAME field.
  10. Select an option from the LANGUAGE ID list box.
  11. Click Save.

Refer to Set the Current User as the External Role Contact for an External Request Scenario for more information.