Mass Maintenance

Update External Role Contacts

When a user enters a request that uses a template with an External Data role, the contact information for that role must be entered on the Request (External Role Contacts) page.

The Request (External Role Contacts) page lists information about each contact, including the email address, and can be updated to reflect the external contacts for the request.

To update External Role contacts for a request:

  1. Select Requests on the Navigation pane.
  2. Locate a request that is based on a template with an External Data role type.
  3. Click Vertical View.
  4. Click the General tab.
  5. Click External Role Contacts.

    NOTE: The External Role Contacts icon displays the number of external role contacts that have a valid email address. Records that contain only a Role ID are not included in the count.

    NOTE: The template upon which the request is based must have an External Data role for this button to be active.

  6. Click Edit.

    View the field descriptions for the Request (External Role Contacts) page.

  7. Enter the name in the CONTACT NAME field.

    NOTE: This name displays in the email sent to the contact.

  8. Enter an email address in the CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS field.
  9. Select the contact’s language from the LANGUAGE ID list box.

    NOTE: The LANGUAGE ID sets the language used for the  workflow message sent for the ExternalData event. Language-specific messages are added on the Workflow Message page and the Workflow Language Message page. Refer to Configure Workflow Messages for more information.

  10. Click Save.
  11. Navigate to the Request page’s Vertical View.

    NOTE: If a request uses both External Contacts and Org Units, Org Units must be confirmed before External Contacts are confirmed. The Confirm External Contacts icon is disabled until a user clicks the Confirm Org Units icon.

  12. Click Confirm External Contacts in the Page toolbar; a confirmation message displays.

    NOTE: The Confirm External Contacts button is not enabled until the user entering the request has completed the required fields on the Request (External Role Contacts) page.

    NOTE: If a request has an External Data role, the user must click Confirm External Contacts to activate the Roles icon on the Requests page. The Roles icon is disabled, and request processing cannot start, until external contacts have been confirmed.

  13. Click Ok.

NOTE: Once the Confirm External Contacts process has completed, the Confirm External Contacts button is no longer active.

NOTE: The Roles button will not be active until both the External Contacts and the Org Units have been confirmed. Refer to Use Org Units for more information.

Once this request is activated, Mass Maintenance sends the spreadsheet to the user designated as the external contact for the External Data role. This user completes the spreadsheet and submits it.

NOTE: Users assigned to the External Data role enter or update data only. An External Data role cannot be used to review or post data.