Master Data Management

Audit Table Column Registration

To access this page:

  1. Click Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click Vertical View for a category.
  3. Click the Rules and Actions tab.
  4. Click the Table Registration icon.
  5. Click the Columns icon for a table.




Displays the technical field name of the column to be audited.

NOTE: If the table to which the column belongs is not enabled for auditing (i.e., the ENABLED check box is not selected for the table on the Audit Table Registration page) no data displays on this page.


If enabled, data in that column is audited. If disabled, data is not audited.


Displays the column description.


If checked, the column is the key field on the table, or is part of the multi-part key. This column displays by default in the Key to Record field on the Review Role Audit Details page when the check box is checked.

If unchecked, the Key to Record field does not display on the Review Role Audit Detail page.


If enabled, the column name is included, along with the key field(s), in the Key to Record field on the Review Role Audit Details page. If disabled the column name does not display.

NOTE: Key fields are not affected by this setting, with the exception of the RequestID. Key fields display in the Key to Record field, even if this check box is disabled. However, the display of the RequestID column can be controlled using this option. For example, the user disables this option for the key fields DATE_FROM and RequestID. In the Key to Record field, the DATE_FROM field still displays. The RequestID field does not.