Master Data Management

Mass Change Where Clause

NOTE: This page only displays in the Content WebApp when it has been configured. Refer to Auto-generate Request-related Objects for more information.

To access this page in the Content WebApp:

  1. Select Requests on the Navigation pane.

  2. Click the Roles icon for a request.

  3. Click the Tasks icon for the Application task that performs the data entry.

  4. Click the button in the TASK ID column for the mass change task.

  5. Click the Mass Change icon in the Page toolbar.

  6. Click Build Where Clause for a Mass Change record.




Displays the request ID for the mass change request, taken from the page used to access the current page. 


Displays the page ID for the mass change request page, taken from the page used to access the current page. 


Displays the column name used in the comparison operation to limit data within the view being changed.

NOTE: You can use boaReserved columns in the Where clause built on this page. boaReserved columns cannot be used on the Mass Change page in the COLUMN NAME list box.


Displays the operation used if a comparison between two fields is required.


Displays the Mass Change value being updated in the Column Name.