Master Data Management


Use this page to add a position.

To access this page, select Master Data Management > Security > Positions in the Navigation pane.



Copy Position

Click to open the Copy Position page to copy settings from the selected position to a new position.

Refer to Copy a Position for more information.

Add Org Units From Group

Click to open the Add Org Units To Position From Org Unit Group page to add org unit groups to a position. Refer to Add Org Units from a Group to all Roles in a Position for more information.


Displays the name of the position.


Displays a description of the position.


Displays the calendar for the position.

NOTE: All users included in the position are required to use this calendar.


Displays the date on which the position expires. Once the date is passed, the security access established by the position is removed. If this column is blank, then the position does not expire.

NOTE: When the date entered has past, the position is considered expired, and the security settings for the position are not applied.


If enabled, the position has expired and the security settings are not applied.

Business Processes

Click to open the Position Business Process page to add business processes to a position.


Click to open the Position Role page to add roles and org units to a position.

Category Org Units

Click to open the Category Org Units for Position page to add org unit value assignments to a position for a category.


Click to open the Position User page to view users assigned to a position.