Master Data Management

Request Role User

Use this page to:

To access this page:

  1. Click Master Data Management > Requests in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Roles icon for a request.
  3. Click the Users icon for the request role.




Click to send an email to the selected user to let them know that the request is ready to be worked on.

NOTE: The notification is configured on the Category Workflow Language Message page for the Notify event.


Displays the ID of the user who can access the request role.


If checked, the user is a role owner for the role selected on the Request Role page.

Owners receive notifications for certain workflow events. Refer to Add Role Owners and  Set User Workflow Receipt Preferences by Position for more information. 


If checked, a user assigned to the position can view the request role data in the Content WebApp but cannot edit it.


If checked, the tasks within the role display as read only to all other users within the scenario not assigned to this role.

NOTE: If a role has the Auto Extend Display option set on the Role page’s Vertical View, this role displays as read only for all users assigned to roles in the category. In other words, if a user is not assigned to a role, but the Auto Extend Display option is enabled for a role, the user can view (but not update) the role for the request regardless of whether the user is assigned to the role.