Master Data Management

Scenario Type

Use this page to Configure Scenario Types.

To access this page, click Master Data Management > Configuration > Setup > Scenario Type in the Navigation pane.




Displays the name of the delivered scenario type or a custom scenario type if one was added.

MDM is delivered with these scenario types:

  • Create - Creates new business objects, such as materials, customers, vendors, profit centers, GL accounts, etc.
  • Change - Updates the data in a logical way for an existing business object, such as by material group (Basic Data) for an existing material, pricing procedure (Sales Data) for an existing customer or incoterms (Purchasing Data) for an existing vendor.
  • BusinessExtend - Makes a new business object that is associated with an existing business object, such as a new BOM (Bill of Material) for an existing material, a new ship-to for an existing customer or a new order from address for an existing vendor.
  • OrganizationalExtend - Extends an existing business object to one or more Org Units, such as an existing material to a new plant, an existing customer to a new sales organization or company or an existing vendor to a new purchasing organization or company.


If enabled, records that already exist in the target system can be edited in scenarios of this type.