Master Data Management

Add an Integrate Process to a Scenario

Integrate processes are the methods in which data from Master Data Management is posted into a target system. Integrate processes are registered by a Designer to scenarios on MDM Scenario Process page. The process must be active in Integrate to be available to add to a scenario. Refer to Create a Process in Integrate for more information about processes. This task must be completed in order for requests created from the scenario to be posted to the target system.

Before adding a process to a scenario, Add a Scenario.

NOTE: An Integrate process cannot be deactivated or deleted if it is assigned to an MDM scenario that has a status of published.

NOTE: The Integrate process must be active to be used for posting.

NOTE: When a Request is created, each Integrate Process assigned to the Scenario is assigned a unique Posting ID which can be used to assist while troubleshooting. Integrate uses this Posting ID as a parameter for Integrate Process Template rules and validations. The Integrate Process is also passed a Where Clause used for the posting data views that only contains the Request ID (e.g. “WHERE RequestID = 999”).

To add a process to a scenario in MDM:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Scenarios icon for a category on the Category page.
  3. Click the Processes icon for a scenario.
  4. Click Add.

    View the field descriptions for the Scenario Process page.

  5. Select the Integrate process for posting from the INTEGRATE PROCESS ID list box.

    NOTE: Only allowed processes set at the category level display. Refer to Set Allowed Processes at the Category Level for more information.

  6. Enter a value in the PRIORITY field.

    NOTE: This value determines the order the process displays on the Scenario Process page and the order in which the processes are executed for posting.

  7. Click Save.