Master Data Management

Archive a Request in the Content WebApp

To archive request data, the Designer creates a process in the Content WebApp that must execute the MDM stored procedure apiArchiveRequest to archive the corresponding MDM Request-related table data into MDM archive tables.

Register this stored procedure within the archiving process of the Content WebApp. The MDM stored procedure apiArchiveRequest expects parameters RequestID and WebAppID.  This stored procedure must only be executed for specific RequestIDs whose request status marks them as eligible to be archived.

NOTE: This stored procedure checks the status of the RequestID against the Category's Request Status Days Active for the status. If that check does not indicate that the Request is ready to be archived (i.e., the number of days active for the status has not passed), the Request-related table data is NOT removed from MDM.

After a request is archived, as a part of the Content WebApp’s process that deletes data from tt tables, the MDM stored procedure apiDeleteRequestAfterArchive must be executed to delete the MDM Request-related table data from MDM tt tables.

MDM stored procedure apiDeleteRequestAfterArchive expects parameters RequestID and WebAppID.