Master Data Management

Configure Child Scenario Criteria

A Designer can select the org unit to be used to create child requests for the scenario.

For example, a user creates a request, Create and Extend Finished Good. The request has been added to a category that has an org unit 1 of Plants.

The request is based on a multi-scenario business process where the first scenario creates the material and the child scenario extends it to Plant.

There are two options for generating child requests:

  • One child request for all Plants, so that no matter how many Plants the user chooses for the first request, MDM creates one child request for the scenario.
  • One child request per Plant, chosen at the time the first (parent) request was made. If the user chooses three Plants, when entering the request for the Parent scenario, MDM creates three parallel requests when the first request finishes. To use this option, set the org unit as described in the steps below.

NOTE: Org units are set up at the category level. Refer to Add an Org Unit Type to a Category Object for more information.

To configure child scenario criteria:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Scenarios icon for a category on the Category page.
  3. Click Vertical View for a scenario.

    View the field descriptions for the Scenario page’s Vertical View.

  4. Click Edit.
  5. Select the org unit to be used to create child requests from the Child Scenario Criteria list box.
  6. Click Save.