Master Data Management

Create a Category

A process Designer performs this task.

A category is a collection of governance elements and is created to organize business processes and related elements by the category (e.g., Line of Business, Business Unit or Division, Data Domain). Duplicate categories are not permitted.

NOTE: A user can auto-generate request-related objects for a category. However, if a category already has its Content WebApp and database built, there is no reason for the Designer to use the auto-generate request-related objects feature. It is recommended that the Designer ensure that a page has been selected in the Request Page Id list box on the Category page’s Vertical View. The auto-generate feature will detect whether request-related objects exist and will not create them again if they already exist. Refer to Auto-generate Request-related Objects for more information.

To create a category in MDM:

  1. Select Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. If no records exist, the page displays in add mode. Otherwise, click Add.

    View the field descriptions on the Category page.

  3. Enter a unique name in the NAME field.
  4. Select a value from the DEFAULT WEB APP ID list box.

    NOTE: A specific DEFAULT WEB APP ID may only be assigned to one category. A validation message displays if the chosen WebAppID has already been assigned to another category.

    NOTE: For the Content WebApp to display in the DEFAULT WEB APP ID list box:

    • An Administrator must have registered the data source in the Stewardship Tier.
    • The current user must have permissions to change the Content WebApp.
  1. Enter a brief description in the DESCRIPTION field.
  2. Click Save; Vertical View displays.
  3. Select the page used to enter request data in the Content WebApp in the Request Page Id list box.

    NOTE:  All pages created in the Content WebApp display. 

  4. Select an owner from the Owner  list box.

    NOTE: To save the record successfully, one of the Stewardship Tier users in this list must be selected.

    NOTE: The list is limited to those users with a valid email address in the Stewardship Tier.

    NOTE: Once the owner is assigned, the child elements inherit the category owner as a default if another owner is not assigned.

  5. Enter text in the Comment field.

    NOTE: The comments are information about the category.

    NOTE: The values on the Tasks, Roles, Scenarios and Business Processes icons indicate the number of elements of each type that have been created.  When a category is created, these numbers are 0 which indicates none of these elements have been created.

  6. Click Save.