Master Data Management

Create a Final Finish Where Clause for a CranPort Package

NOTE: A table or a view that resides in a specified data source is used to provide data values for the Where clause.

NOTE: If the table has multiple keys, build a Where clause for each key. When the Where clause is built, the key values are concatenated.

Refer to Configure Data Download During the Final Finish Process to use a CranPort Package for general information.

To build a Where clause for the CranPort package used to download the data to the target table:

  1. Click Master Data Management > Design in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Tasks icon for a category.
  3. Click the Final Finish Tables icon for a main parent task.
  4. Click Vertical View for a table.
  5. Click the Where Clause Builder icon.
  6. Select the column name from the table that contains the mapped value to build the Where clause in the COLUMN NAME list box.
  7. Select the data source that contains the table or view in the DATA SOURCE ID list box.
  8. Select the table or view name in the TABLE VIEW NAME list box.

    NOTE: The table or view must already exist in the data source.

  9. Select the value used in the Where clause in the MAPPED VALUE list box.

    NOTE: The default Where clause ((#ColumnName# IN (#Data#))) can be modified if needed.

  10. Click Save.