Master Data Management

Final Finish Process for a Request Overview

As part of the Final Finish process, MDM downloads the data posted by a request to tables in a target database (usually dgSAP.) The data downloads using a Collect package, a Data Services job or by using Syniti Data Replication.

The Final Finish process begins when a Role Processor clicks Finish for the Post role on the Request Role page. Refer to Finish a Role for the Post Role Type for more information.

A Designer must register the Final Finish table(s) or job at the task level.

When using a Collect package, individual tables must be registered for download. For a Data Services job, register a job only, or a job per table. The Designer must know which tables or jobs are used.

Tables and jobs are registered for download at the Task level for main Task parent pages only and must not be registered for child pages.

Main Task parent pages are listed as Role Tasks. Child pages are pages that are accessed through links on a main Task parent page. For example, register tables on the Request (Address – General) page but not on the Request (Address – Telephone/Mobile) page.

NOTE: For new requests that are automatically created as part of a multi-scenario business process, the Content Request page OnValidate event is automatically executed. The Cransoft UserID 'process' must have access to the Content Request page in order to execute the OnValidate event.

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