Master Data Management

Finish a Role with the Application Role Type

A Role Processor uses the Request Role page to finish roles, indicating that the work assigned to that role is complete for the request.

Before performing this task, a request must have been created.  Refer to Create a Request for more information.

Roles with the Application role type gather, enter, or make changes to data using pages in the Content WebApp for preparation to send to the system(s) of record. These pages are associated with tasks. To view the tasks assigned to a role before finishing it, click the Tasks button on the Request Role page.

NOTE: If multiple users are assigned to the role, only one of those users is required to finish the role.

NOTE: When a role is finished, the system makes any dependent roles active, and notifies users assigned to the roles that work is ready to be completed. Refer to Set Dependencies for a Role for more information.

NOTE: If changes must be made to tasks associated with a role with a type of Application after it is finished, the Role Processor must reset the role. Refer to Reset a Role for more information.  

NOTE: The Finish process initiates the workflow email to users assigned to the next role (if that role has messaging enabled). The Finish process displays a notification from within MDM to users assigned to the next role (if that role has messaging enabled). Refer to Enable or Disable Messages for a Role for more information.

NOTE: A setting can be configured to finish this role automatically. Refer to Auto Finish a Role for more information.

NOTE: If the User Response Required on Warnings option is enabled at the Role or Scenario role level, after a user clicks Finish for the role, any validation failures require a user response to continue the process.

To finish a role in MDM:

  1. Click Master Data Management > Requests in the Navigation pane.
  2. Click the Roles icon for a request.
  3. Click the Finish button for a role with an Application type.   

The system tracks the user ID of the Role Processor and the date and time the role was finished in the FINISHED BY and FINISHED ON fields.

NOTE: All validation rules and business processes are run, dependencies are validated, and a workflow email is sent to the users assigned to dependent roles as long as workflow is enabled for the user. The role is not finished if validation rules fail.