Master Data Management

Set up a Mailbox for Position-Based Workflow Notifications

Users with administrative access can create shared mailboxes that correspond to position-based security and assign which positions can access them. Access to mailboxes allows users with the request role for the position to receive and view workflow notifications sent to the mailbox. Using this method simplifies and streamlines workflow notification receipt settings.

Mailboxes can also be restricted to one user. Refer to Add Role Owners for more information.

NOTE: You must belong to the PowerUser, PowerDesigner, or UserManager MDM WebApp group to access the mailbox configuration pages.

NOTE: Users can choose to receive workflow notifications via email, notification (as a popup) in the Stewardship Tier or both. A user can also choose to receive no notifications. Refer to Set User Workflow Receipt Preferences by Position for more information.

To set up a mailbox:

  1. Select Security > Mailboxes in the Navigation pane.

  2. Click Add.

    View the page descriptions for the Mailbox page

  3. Enter the address from which notifications are sent in the EMAIL ADDRESS field.

  4. Enter a friendly name for the mailbox in the NAME field.

    NOTE: This name appears in the workflow message.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Ensure the new mailbox is selected on the Mailbox page.

  7. Select a position(s) on the Mailbox Position page.

  8. Click the Include icon in the Page toolbar.

  9. Click Save.