Master Data Management

View Archived Requests

A user who belongs to dspConduct WebApp group ArchiveUser or PowerUser can view archived request data, including roles, tasks, post processes and finish download messages.

An Administrator adds users to WebApp groups. Archived request data does not display for a user unless that user is assigned to one of these WebApp groups.

Requests are archived when:

  • A request remains in a request status longer than the number of days set on the Category Request Status page
  • An event runs in the Content WebApp that archives the request

NOTE: A Designer must register stored procedures to an event in the Content WebApp to manage the archiving process. The process must archive Content Request-related table data and also call MDM process to archive MDM Request-related table data.

Use the following pages, accessed for a request on the Archived Request page, to view details.

  • If an active request had SLA details, the Archived Request Role SLA page displays the SLA details once the request is archived.