Create a Connection to the Destination Server

Watch the video.

Promote must be installed on both the host and the destination servers. Once installed, refer to Register a Data Source in Common to create a connection from the host server to the destination server on the Vertical View of the Data Source Registry page in Common with the following settings:

  • Name—Use the convention Promote_<Instance>, where <Instance> is the name of the server. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Setup > Instances to view the server name on the Instances page.

NOTE: It is important to include the instance as part of the Data Source name because while “source” and “target” make sense in a two-tiered system, it would be confusing in a three-tiered system where the second tier is the host server for the third tier and the destination server for the first tier.

  • Application Data Source Type—External System Connection (%)

  • Server, Address, User ID and Password—Associated with the information for the destination server

  • Database—sstTransport