Package Groups

To access this page, click Packages in the Navigation pane.




Click to:

  • reset the status of the selected Package Group

  • cancel a request approval if changes need to be made

To perform these actions on multiple records, hold the Ctrl key and click a record to select.

Compare Packages

Click to compare one environment to another. This process runs the comparison for all packages within the package group in the background. Once the compare process has finished running, the DATA (number of objects marked to be sent) and SQL OBJECTS (total number of objects) fields on the Packages page are populated. Hold Ctrl to select multiple records.

If Approval Mode is enabled and the package has been sent for approval, this icon is disabled until the package has been approved or the request has been canceled.

Close Approval Request

Click to close a completed approval request. This icon is only enabled if:


Displays the package group name, which contains individual packages.


Displays the point of contact for the package group.


Displays only when Approval Mode is enabled on the Application Parameters page to display the current status of the approval request. Options are:

  • New—the request has not yet been started

  • Awaiting Review—there is an open approval request that is waiting for the Approver to review

  • Approved—the approval request has been approved

  • Rejected—the approval request has been rejected

  • Rescinded—the approval request has been canceled after the approval was requested or approved

  • No Open Request—a request has been completed and there is not an open approval request


Click to open the Packages page to view all packages within the package group. The count is the total number of packages in the package group.

Request Approval

Click to submit the package group for approval. The designated approver must go to the Package Groups - Approval page to approve or reject the request.

NOTE: This button is only active if approval mode is enabled on the Application Parameters page

Approval History

Click to open the Package Group - Approval (History) page to view the status of each approval request for the package group.

Copy Template

Click to open the Copy Template page to create a new package from a pre-defined template.