SQL AutoGen

Build Reports

SQL AutoGen can build target and source reports and reports with remediation.

NOTE: The target’s Design Status must be In Design or Design Finished to perform this task.

A target report is a view built in SQL and stored in the target table.

A Target Source report is a report run against the source table. Source reports are typically used to display data relevant to processing the rules.

Target Remediation allows a remediation rule to be registered to an error report. Remediation rules are used only when there is a need to temporarily fix a data issue so the affected records can be loaded into a test environment. Once Transform has processed target data, it generates the error reports, but these reports can also be generated using SQL AutoGen. Based on these reports, a user may create remediation rules to correct erroneous values so that the data can be loaded successfully into the target system using a load tool.

Refer to Add Target Reports, Add Target Source Reports and Register Target Remediation Rules for more information about reports.

All objects created using SQL AutoGen are written to the data source defined for the object in Console (Process Area > Objects > Vertical View > Data Source ID).

NOTE: When reports are autogenerated, the SAPINSTANCE and SAPCLIENT columns are not included in Target Report view.

NOTE: If a target report references a check table in SAP that uses the Client column, the ERP Client field must be populated in Console on the Process Area : Object page (Waves > Process Areas > Objects > Vertical View).

NOTE: The Report Auto Gen Level setting on the Automation page’s Vertical View determines if and how business user reports are generated for the target with SQL AutoGen. Options are:

  • On - Drop & Rebuild Report Views and Registrations. Any SQL views previously created for the business user reports in the target are dropped and new SQL views with the same name are added.
  • Off - No Report Generation. AutoGen is not used.
  • New - Add new reports without modifying existing report views or registrations. When autogenerating, only new views are created. Existing views are not updated.

To create reports at the target level in AutoGen:

  1. Click the Automation tab on the Quick Panel.
  2. Either click the Build Reports icon in the Page toolbar


    Click the Build Reports with Remediation icon in the Page toolbar; a confirmation message displays.

  3. Click OK.