SQL AutoGen

Create Rules for an Update Row Source

A Target Source Rule (also referred to as a Source Rule) cleans and massages the data before it is loaded in to the target table. SQL AutoGen generates all source rules to run against the source tables based on mappings created in Map.

NOTE: A source table and target table must have been built for the object before rules can be generated.

NOTE: The target’s Design Status must be In Design or Design Finished to perform this task.

Each rule consists of a view and a stored procedure that can be created using SQL AutoGen and stored in the target table.

NOTE: If a rule was built in SQL AutoGen, the Created On and Created By field on the Vertical View of the Field Mappings page in Map will be populated. If the Approved On and Approved By fields are empty for the mapping, the mapping was created in AutoGen and was not approved on the Mapping Approval page.

Once the rules are created for the field using SQL AutoGen, the view(s)/procedure(s) (one for each rule assigned) will be available and registered in Transform.

Update and insert rules used in Transform are automatically generated and saved to the target database.

NOTE: A user can create all target tables, source tables, Update Row source tables, and rules at one time by clicking the Create All Objects icon on the Automation page.

All objects created using SQL AutoGen are written to the data source defined for the object in Console (Process Area > Objects > Vertical View > Data Source ID).

Rules can be created for an individual mapping on the Automation SQL Field Mappings page or for the entire target on the Automation page.

To create rules for an Update Row Source in AutoGen:

  1. Click the Automation tab in the Quick Panel.
  2. Click the Sources icon for a Target.

    NOTE: The a page displays behind the Automation page and, depending on how the user’s view is configured, may be obstructed by the Automation page itself.  In this case, to view the Automation SQL Target Source page either close the Automation page or reduce the size of the Automation page.

  3. Select the source on the Automation SQL Target Source page in the Parent pane.
  4. Select the Update Row source on the Automation SQL Target Source (Update Row) page in the Child pane.
  5. Click the Create All Rules icon in the Page toolbar; a confirmation message displays.
  6. Click OK.