SQL AutoGen

Create and Approve All Rules

The Mapping Approval process is separate from SQL AutoGen. These two features function independently.

When a user submits a rule in Map:

  • The rule displays on the Automation SQL Field Mappings page and can be built.

    NOTE: A Rule Where Clause can be added on the Field Mappings page’s vertical view to filter the records to which a rule is applied.

  • The mapping displays on the Mapping Approval page to be reviewed by the developer.

If a developer rejects the rule, it is removed from the Automation SQL Field Mappings page and the mapping is reset in Map.

A user can create and approve all rules for an object if there are multiple mappings.

NOTE: The target’s Design Status must be In Design or Design Finished to perform this task.

NOTE:: Developers must build source rules with the Action Manual Rule or Manual Construction. These rules cannot be autogenerated. Once a manual rule is built, developers should ‘Create and Complete’ the rule on the Automation SQL Field Mappings page.

To approve all rules in AutoGen:

  1. Click the Automation tab on the Quick Panel.
  2. Select the Object.
  3. Click the Create and Approve All Rules icon in the Page toolbar.

All rules are created for all sources that are registered for the target.