Syniti Connect

Syniti Connect Overview

NOTE: Access to Syniti Connect is by subscription. Contact your Syniti Sales contact for more information. If you do not have contact information then post your question in the Data Insiders Community.

Syniti Connect uses the Stewardship Tier combined with Dell Boomi, an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) solution. Boomi’s connectors allow the Stewardship Tier to extract and load data in systems that do not use a database connection, such as Workday, Salesforce or SAP SuccessFactors.

In Boomi, a Stewardship Tier Implementer creates Processes using the Syniti Connect Template. For information about the Syniti Connect Template, access the help center at and search for the article "Configuring and Using the Syniti Connect Template." The Boomi Process also has an associated atom, the default execution environment (for example, Dev, QA and Prod).

NOTE: Boomi Processes are created on-site by the implementers depending on requirements, business rules and other factors.

After the Process is created, it is registered in the Stewardship Tier in Common, Collect or Integrate.

NOTE: When Integrate executes a Boomi process, it passes in the LinkID for the execution, which is used to return a status to the Stewardship Tier once the execution is complete. The user must add any additional parameters required for the process.

Syniti Connect can be used in many scenarios.

Migration between systems is no longer limited by database connections, and data can be moved in and out of a wide variety of sources and targets. Additionally, Advanced Data Migration (ADM) functionality does not change with the use of Syniti Connect.

For example, in an on–premise to cloud migration, a Stewardship Tier Implementer could use Assemble to extract data from a legacy system into a source database. After registering the Syniti Connect data source in Common, the Stewardship Tier Implementer uses a Syniti Connect connection in Collect to move the Target data and Target metadata to a Target database. After completing the ADM execution, an Integrate Process Template based on a Syniti Connect Template loads the data into the cloud system.

In terms of data quality, using Syniti Connect, data from a cloud-based system can be extracted to a Target database in the Stewardship Tier. In Data Quality, data errors can be identified, then corrected in Mass Maintenance. The data can then be validated and loaded back into the system using Syniti Connect via Integrate.

Additionally, using a public plugin attached to an event on a custom page, a WebApp Developer can execute cloud-based Processes created in Boomi, such as making a web service call and displaying the results on a custom page.

Syniti Connect can also provision and host a web service on the Stewardship Tier Application server that can expose any Stewardship Tier functionality that is in a view, table or stored procedure in the SQL database. Refer to "Configuring and Using the Syniti Connect Template" on the Syniti support site for more information.

To use Syniti Connect and theStewardship Tier in any scenario:

Register the Syniti Data Source in Common

Extract Data Using Syniti Connect in Collect

Post Data Using Syniti Connect in Integrate

In System Administration, refer to Execute a Boomi Process from a Custom Page for additional information.