System Administration

Queues (Monitor)

To access this page, select Admin > Resources > Queues in the Navigation pane.




Displays the status of the service. Options are:

  • Green circle— the service is currently running
  • Yellow circle— the service is running, but there are failed jobs. Use the Jobs (Failed) page to troubleshoot what is making the service fail
  • Red circle— the service is not running


Displays the name of the service that the queue is attached to.

Installations can have multiple services installed to help split the load.


Displays the name of the server that the associated Service Provider is running on.


Displays the type of queue.


If enabled, the queue is active (i.e., jobs in this queue run).

A user can choose to deactivate a queue under certain conditions. Some governance installations add multiple queues to organize Collect jobs or dgSAP refreshes by Waves. If a Wave is on hold AND all its refreshes are assigned to one queue, this queue could be deactivated.


Click to stop the job currently running in the queue. Subsequent jobs will not start until the queue is started again.


Click to start jobs running in the queue.

Clear Queue

Click to clear the Recent Service Activity log.


Click to open the Recent Service Activity log to view completed jobs.

Acknowledge Failures

Click to acknowledge failed jobs to indicate that the issue that caused the job to fail has been debugged and fixed, and there is no longer a need to keep the failed record.