System Administration

Add or Update Custom Icons

An Administrator can add images to the Stewardship Tier and use them as icons in custom WebApps. Refer to Add an Image to the Stewardship Tier for detailed information.

NOTE: When adding an image, you cannot use the name of an image delivered with the Stewardship Tier. Additionally, you cannot use the namespace of a delivered WebApp, such as CranSoft, when creating images.

With 7.0, icons have been changed to .svg format. These new images are included in the Stewardship Tier, and you can update images in custom WebApps to use these new images.

On the Images page, search for "svg" in the quick search to display the new images.

You can still create and use non-.svg images (such as .png or .gif) as in previous versions.

To add .svg images, follow these guidelines.

  • Images are rendered in the grid as 24 x 24 pixels.
  • .svg images require two image files, one for a dark image and one for a light one.
    • Add the path to the dark image (for example, Images/CustomWebAppName/MySVGImage.svg) in the Location field on the Vertical View of the Images page.
    • Create the light image, and save it to the same folder as the dark image on the WebApp server. Use the naming convention XXXXX_highcontrast.svg where XXXXX is the same name used in the dark image (for example, MySVGImage_highcontrast.svg). The Stewardship Tier uses the dark and light images depending on the style the user selects and the background color behind the image. Foreground and background colors are set on the Styles page. Refer to Add a Style for more information.

NOTE: Custom images are retained during an upgrade. Updates to delivered images are overwritten.